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Home Seller Net Sheet
The Seller Net Sheet provides you the ability to estimate a seller's net amount after closing at a specified price. This calculator takes into consideration closing cost estimates and commissions, but does not account for the payoff of a prior mortgage. Please do not use the dollar signs ($) or commas (,) in your entries.
Rate Rules:
FL Assignment
End Revolving Future Advance
Balloon Mortgage End
End 4.1 Condo
End 5 PUD
End 6.1 Variable Rate Regulati
End 6.2 Variable Rate Negative
End 7 Manufactured Housing
End 8.1 Environmental
Commercial Environmental Prote
End 9 Restrictions, Encroachme
Butler Credit
Navigational Servitude
Reverse Mortgage
FL Govt Surcharge
Sales Price
All calculations are estimates and not to be considered as a quote from Network Closing Services. In order to receive a quote or fee sheet please call 1-866-294-4100 or email. If you believe the recording fees to be incorrect, please email support.